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  • What is the difference between NeftX and any other aggregator ?

    NeftX is the ultimate digital partner of a doctor, NeftX help doctors to build their own digital presence in the world of internet without going through the pain of hiring a developer or learning how to code. NeftX do not interact with their patients in anyways.

  • How does NeftX help doctors in branding and digitalisation ?

    NeftX provides a desired web address, if they do not have any, to the doctors e.g at which they can launch a website by simply choosing from multiple free website templates provided by NeftX. With the help of NeftX suite of applications they can update website content like blogs, services, treatments, images, videos etc.

  • How much internet bandwidth is required to use NeftX ?

    To use only NeftX 45 mbps speed will be sufficient enough. However, We recommend 75 mbps with a 10 GB limit.

  • How does NeftX guarantee security ?

    NeftX uses Advanced Encryption Standards and SMS OTP Authentication to confirm the identify of a user before allowing access.

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